About Si-mAind

Silicon AI Mind or as we call it Si-mAind is a company created in February 2020.
Our vision is to change AI technology so that it becomes more accessible for programmers and find ways to do so in the most simple manner while making its features as intuitive and flexible as possible.

As the first born child of our founder, Aleksandar Savevski, named Mila was diagnosed with autism, the struggle for finding ways to bridge the mental challenges started. After 2 years of intensive training with top experts the most they could hope for is that Mila would lag about 3 months on every passing year in her life. Aleksandar being aware and able to do prognosis estimated that if things don’t change Mila would most likely start school at the age of 8 with the other 6-year old children.
Having no solution, our founder turned to his technical background and love for biology to try to understand as much as he can about how our brain works. After a year of research he had established a concept of how the exercises for his daughter can be improved, but what is different is that he based his theory on an AI model as well.
“The ultimate gamble was the 6 month trial period we proposed for our daughter to take. We had no other choice but to trust our methods, as there were no other means to try. It was the hardest decision a person has to make.”
After staggering results of 28 month cognitive development in just 12 months meant that Mila was now catching up with her peers with unseen pace. The gamble paid off big time.
Observing the results, Aleksandar now focused on developing the AI model and try to work out technical means to make it become a product.
In June 2019, the Proof of Concept showed that this AI, now named after his daughter Mila, has efficiency and properties no other current model can provide. It was shot worth going through…

Working with technology as a product is not as simple as working with regular product, especially in a region that is not that exposed for technology.
Still from our founding we have achieved all our goals:
– February 2020, Si-mAind becomes an nVIDIA inception member
– June 2020, Si-mAind is one of the finalist of the first EBRD Star Venture call
– August 2020, Si-mAind raised 35K eur from FITR state fund
– October 2020, Si-mAind was accepted by the Seavus Accelerator program
– December 2020, PoC version coded in C++
– February 2021, CUDA version showing that initial performance performance projections were accurate
– February 2021, Si-mAind attends the World Business Angel Investor Forum

 Our plans for Mila AI:
-March-April 2021, Roll out an MVP
– March-April 2021, Call for early adopters
September 2021, Go To Market for Mila AI

Our long term goals for Si-mAind
– June 2021, Pre-Seed round for Mila AI
– 2023, Developing a concept for a distributed AI solution based on Mila AI
– 2023-2024, Seed round A for Mila NET the distributed AI platform
– 2025, Developing a concept for edge AI solution with hot plug-and-play capability
– after 2025, Developing, cooperating and licensing of the technology for neuromorphic computing and robotics

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Why Si-mAind is more than Mila AI

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Our Seed round is open, this is a brief investor info