Mila AI

Mila AI is an universal artificial intelligence in-house algorithm that we develop, that is designed to mimic the functional properties of the Neo-cortex. Along side the main features one may expect in an AI product, Mila AI has the ability to process anomalies to create Emotions as a feature. Also because of the way it processes information it is not prone to information security threats, like pixel attack and is able to recognize context a.k.a. composition.

For this reasons we are focused on developing Mila AI as a tool for computer vision application and log information output processing in real time to better estimate and react to anomalies or preventive maintenance. Both of which have great benefits from context.

Mila AI overall features include
– Proven 40x efficiency
– Linear scalability
– Ease of use
– Continuous learning

Additional features that computer vision applications will benefit from
– Context
– Color as a feature
– Hot plug-and-play

Additional features that log information processing will benefit from
– Emotions, that can change the behaviour of the AI network under different information string
– Anomalies, that can predict new/unknown states of the input
– Future proof itself by building up experience

And most important, if your developers are able to include a C++ library into your product, they can use Mila AI. It is that easy!


(This project is supported from FITR state fund)

Mila AI White Paper.pdf

Mila AI White Paper

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Version 1 of our white paper